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We Know Man City Won Champions League And The Treble, But Lukaku Not Scoring Here Is Legit The True Insane Part Of The Story

I don't want to take anything away from Man City. They are a cheat code. Shit, even KDB went down with another injury today and they are still champions of Europe. They have everything you want. But, this? How the fuck does Lukaku miss this? It's right there. A simple goal and Inter is alive at least for extra time. Head it to the post, head it legit anywhere else and that's in. Then again, Lukaku also had this moment: 

Yeah, yeah, part of the game is luck and all that. But come on. You had a chance to redeem yourself! You had a chance to help put a stop in the Man City story! Unreal. And sure, Ederson made an unreal save. Can't even undervalue or underrate how ridiculous this is: 

But it's still wild that Inter couldn't get one in. Again, credit to Man City. They won the treble. They are up there in terms of the argument of best season of all time. But man, that miss by Lukaku makes Chris Wondolowski against Belgium look respectable and understandable. Speaking of that, Pep, how does USA manager sound? Let's make that happen.

Anyways, weird match but that's sort of what happens in this scenario. Inter had its chances and just blew it. That's as much of the story as Rodri getting the goal to win: 

Jack Grealish is about to be a content machine. That man is going to have a hell of a week.