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Whoever Says Conor McGregor Isn't Ready To Fight Should Watch This Knockout From Last Night

Mike Ehrmann. Getty Images.

I keep hearing from all of these clowns and bozos on Twitter that say, "Conor won't be ready to fight in 6-8 months if he keeps drinking and partying like this!" every time the guy takes a sip of Proper No 12 or dances down a hallway in Monaco….

Everyone's a parent all of a sudden - nobody wants to let the guy live! 

I mean, Jon Jones was (allegedly) doing lines of blow like 24 hours before some of his best performances EVER and you're gonna tell me McGregor shouldn't step foot in the octagon until he's got a year of sobriety under his belt?! Get outta here.

Anyway - to prove the haters wrong, McGregor went and knocked someone out in front of a sold-out arena last night….

Yes, that "someone" just happened to be the defenseless Heat mascot - but look at that FORM on those punches!! Those shots KO anyone - Michael Chandler included. I don't care how much Proper 12 McGregor has beforehand.

Also, the Heat mascot deserved this for how the Miami fans treated the Champ Champ….

What's the all about?! Loyalty to Jorge Masvidal or something?! Disgraceful.

Show some respect, Florida. You're in the presence of a living legend; The Notorious, The Double Champ, Mystic Mac, etc. There will never be another like him, and you BOO?! Despicable. I hope the Nuggets kick the Heat's teeth in on Monday now.

P.S. Remember when Deontay Wilder had to do a bit like this and just knocked the burrito mascot the fuck out? That was all time.

P.P.S. Not gonna lie, with the velour jumpsuit/popped collar, McGregor looked like a mix between a mobster and a vampire….