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In Honor Of Today's Champions League Final: Let's Check In On Kinsey Wolanski, The 2019 Finals Streaker

You may remember the 2019 Champions League Final for a bullshit PK in the first few minutes. I sure do because Tottenham never recovered during the match from that and frankly I just don't think I'll see them back there any time soon. But you may also remember it for Kinsey Wolanski, the 'streaker' who interrupted the match to promote her then boyfriend's company. Just smart marketing if you ask me. 

So fast forward 4 years and here we are today getting ready to watch Inter vs Man City. I'm pumped. Inter is somehow forgotten about because Man City has all the stars, going for the Treble and everything else. But, Inter, pretty good! Not bad at all! It also just reminded me of Kinsey Wolanski, so what better time to check in on her. 

She's moved on from streaking to being a real estate adventure and helicopter pilot: 

No idea how you get into flying helicopters but good for her. Helps out with all her travels, which you'll see in the pictures below. Anyways, we'll always have the 2019 Finals.