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Could Brandon Walker Potentially Join Team Minihane In The Dozen?

Brandon Walker IS The Dozen. He always claims it's "his show", despite the fact that Jeff D. Lowe created it and PFT started at the same time Brandon did. Last night's crushing defeat in the Championship match was definitely a tough blow to Brandon's already inflated ego.

Team Minihane, led by 3-time MVP Kirk Minihane are the reinging champions. Kirk is almost universally accepted as the best player in the league being the 3-time MVP. After last night's loss, some fans are wondering if Brandon Walker can ever get over the hump? 

Last year, The Experts made a Championship Game run but lost to the cinderella, Uptown Balls. This year, Walker fell short again in the title game, this time to his arch rival, Minihane. But with the off-season upon us, rumors are swirling that Walker himself may be on the move. Dozen Insider, Jersey Jerry dropped that scoop today, just hours after Walker's second title game loss in as many years.

The report was confirmed by Barstool Sports co-Editor-In-Chief, Justin Clemenza.

Would Brandon really ring chase and take the seemingly easiest path forward to a title? After consuming 14 cupcakes at a recent Yak Case Race, would this be the greatest, "You Are What You Eat" of all-time? Would Commissioner Jeff D. Lowe even allow it? If so, what would happen to The Experts? Fran and PFT Commenter are a very strong duo, but would they remain title contenders without Brandon?

A lot is unanswered, but we can be sure there is a great Dozen off-season ahead. Thank you to all The Dozen fans that came out and those that watched LIVE or on a delay. If you missed any of the great action (which has been fastforwarded past the first match for no particular reason), catch it here: