I'm Not Sure If I Respect Or Hate Russell Brand For Saying He Is "Not Interested In Making Money Anymore."

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FilmDrunk – He replies that his chauffeur, Mick, is a really great guy and a friend – which is nice but not the point. What about the beaded necklace, which looks suspiciously like amethyst, that is dangling down towards his soup bowl? How much did that cost? “Who knows?” he replies as if this were an unfathomable mystery. “I’m not interested in making money any more.” Does that mean that there will be no more acting, no more Hollywood? Brand pauses. “It probably does mean that, yes,” he says, hesitantly, as if making up policy on the hoof. But he’s not going to quit comedy, he says, because he loves performing. When I ask how lucrative it is, he shrugs. “It makes me scared if I think about money too much, then it makes me feel guilty. The only thing I tell the people who look after my money is, ‘Make sure my f*cking taxes are 100 per cent legitimately paid,’ and then I do my own sh*t.”

I don’t know how to look at this ridiculous statement by Russell Brand. I see it two ways- respect it, and hate it.

1) I respect the shit out of him saying he doesn’t care about making any more money. He has so many millions in the bank, what’s the point of working? It’s the dream, right? To make enough money so you can do as much blow, buy as many boats, and fuck as many high class escorts as you want and never have to listen to a boss ever again. Working fucking sucks, no matter what your job is. Sure you suck it up when you are getting 8 figure deals to star in movies, but every job has bullshit. Having enough money to not care about making any more more is the ultimate goal, and you have to respect him for being there.

2) Fuck you Russell Brand. Not interested in making anymore money? Are you also not interested in getting your cock sucked by any more 10s? Not interested in jizzing over Katy Perry’s tits any more? Not interested in flying private everywhere you go and buying and doing whatever you want? Give me a break. Sure, you can have 50 million in the bank…or you can do a few more movies and have 100 million in the bank. Do you know the difference between 50 million dollars and 100 million dollars? 50 more million dollars. There is nothing uninteresting about 50 million dollars. When you have 50 million dollars, you can burn 40 million dollars, and still have 10 million dollars. That’s just some mental math I just did to prove what an idiotic statement it is to be “uninterested” in making more money. Oh boo hoo, I have to crack jokes in front of a camera for a few weeks so I can cash paychecks in the millions. Oh boo hoo, I have to chit chat with David Letterman for a few minutes to promote the movie so I can make even more money. Suck a fucking rhino dick, Brand. You have a cushy life where you lucked into being this superstar actor, don’t spit on our faces by gloating and saying you have so much money you can’t be bothered to work anymore. Suck. A. Rhino. Dick.