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Motivation: Selena Gomez Showed Up To A Random Pickup Soccer Game And Started Screaming To Players She's Single

Clearly there's some sort of joking here, but this is the motivation you need during a random pickup soccer game. Selena Gomez screaming she's single, it just gives you that extra boost. Hell, she even admits she's a little high maintenance but who isn't? Everyone who claims they aren't for sure are high maintenance. That said we're still talking about some regular ass dudes and Selena Gomez here. She screams she's single and I'm turning into a mix of Messi and Modric. I'm flying around that field. I'm throwing balls in the box that you wouldn't believe. I'm finishing in the box. You name it, I'm there.

I don't hate this move by Selena. I know some people probably think it's annoying, even if it's a joke. But, hey, she went the celebrity route before. Why not find a sales guy who happens to enjoy playing some soccer? Ain't nothing wrong with something like that. It's a numbers game too. Everyone swiping, matching, whatever the apps are out there. She's going the old school way. Scream she's single and see who she fishes in. 

Maybe she's caught up in Messi coming to the MLS. She's gotta find a soccer player, just don't date a goalie.