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A Man Found "The Greatest Sandwich He's Ever Had" But Wouldn't Tell Anyone What It Was...So A Top GeoGuessr Player "rainbolt" Spent 80 Hours Tracking It Down And Convinced The Restaurant To Name It "The Rainbolt"


This is one of the greatest revenge stories ever told. Here's the quick rundown: A man on TikTok said he found the greatest sandwich he's ever had, but wouldn't tell anyone what it was or where he got it from. Taking that as a challenge, one of the best GeoGuessr players in the world decided to dedicate his life to tracking it down. Why? Because pettiness, that's why.



Don't you dare gatekeep on rainbolt's watch! So he worked…and worked…and worked…



And not only found the bagel, but got the bagel shop owner to name it after him, so if the TikToker ever wants to eat it again, he has to order it in shame.




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What a story and a level of commitment rarely seen. Bravo to Mr. Rainbolt. Bravo.

And congrats to this bagel shop. Hope they are ready for the wave of people about to order the Rainbolt.