Andy Reid Says He Was Served "Exotic" Chicken Fingers At The White House

Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

There is no denying that Coach Reid is a fellow Unit. Along with his above normal stature, he's known for his collection of Hawaiian shirts, and his love of food. The Chiefs visited the White House as is customary after winning the Super Bowl and apparently, the food did not disappoint.

French Toast grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on: That's a classy sandwich right here. I've known that to be called a "Monte Cristo". I believe the name comes from the book, The Count of Monte Cristo, written by French author Alexander Dumas, who also wrote The Three Musketeers. Dumas is French and the sandwich uses French toast. That could all be completely wrong, but I like the story, so I'm sticking to it. I used to get them at Bennigans back in the day. Do y'all remember Bennigans? I wonder if they are still around. Anyway, they are usually served with raspberry jam. I'm not a raspberry guy, but I would sometimes enjoy them with a little grape jelly. So far so good.

Chicken fingers: Not just any chicken fingers, but "exotic" chicken fingers. I'm going to be honest here. I knew what the Monte Cristo was, but I have no idea what an exotic chicken finger is. What could make a chicken finger exotic? Were the chickens from somewhere exotic or were they breaded with exotic spices, like Saffron? I don't actually know what Saffron is or what it tastes like, but I know it's expensive. It's one of those foods like caviar or truffle. It might not actually taste good, but it's so expensive, us poors trick ourselves into believing it must be good. I appreciate Coach Reid still calling them Chicken Fingers too. Doesn't matter how exotic they are or that they were served in The White House. To Coach Reid, they are still fingers, not tenders. 

Watermelon cubes: Coach Reid said these may have been the best part of the meal. I'm surprised to hear a fellow Unit say that watermelon cubes were better than Monte Cristo sandwiches and exotic chicken fingers, but I'm shocked that he had never seen them before. Listen, I don't eat watermelon, or any fruit for that matter, which is probably why I'm a Unit, but I know what a watermelon cube is. Do people outside the South not know about watermelon cubes? If not, Coach Reid just pulled a My Cousin Vinny and introduced a whole new food to the rest of America.