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The Wolf of Ball Street Is Back & Better Than Ever On The Back Of Only Stans!

Market Watch- Shares of Mangoceuticals shot up after the seller of men's health products said it has signed a sponsorship deal with Barstool Sports. The stock was up more than 48% at $2.20 in early trading. Shares debuted in March after an initial public offering priced at $4 a share. Mangoceuticals sells men's health and wellness products, most prominently its erectile dysfunction drug "Mango." The company said before the bell on Thursday that it has signed a deal with Barstool's "Only Stans" podcast, which boasts an average of more than 320,000 listeners per episode.

Who's back of the week? It's The Wolf of Ball Street! That's EXACTLY who's back this week! For those of who you don't know the Wolf of Ball Street was created a few years ago when I gave the boss man a hot tip on Shake Shack ($SHAK) solely because it was around lunchtime I assumed the stock would go up and...ya know what? It sure did. I gave it out around $32 and it is currently, 3 years later, SITTING AT $69.45 as I type this. 

Not. Too. Shabby. Hey it was even written about in a goddamn American Economy book!

Fast forward 3 years later and as you can read in that above article from Market Watch that Mangoceuticals' stock prices were up 48% after signing an ad deal with Only Stans (great show plz check it out) & Barstool Sports! That's a victory all-around! Mangoceuticals' stock goes up. Only Stans gets an amazing sponsor. And just like that the Wolf of Ball Street rises from the grave to have an effect on another stock. Welcome aboard, Mangoceuticals! A beautiful Thursday, indeed. 

And en even better reason this Thursday is so great is because there's a brand new Only Stans out NOW with Emily Rinaudo! She's a goddamn hoot! Check it out below!