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Whistleblowers Now Saying That The US Is In Possession Of 12 (TWELVE!!!) Alien Spaceships

I don't know how I missed this detail or if this is new. There wasn't a specific number in the original article from Bob Lazar said he saw up to 8 spacecraft back in the day at Area-51 S-4 and that they all looked different. The article did state that this is a "global phenomenon" which means that probably every country with any sort of modern military and government probably has some. If the US alone has 12 then I think it's reasonable that there are probably 50 UFOs that have been recovered across the planet. That is some lowball estimates, back of napkin, with a dumb brain type of guess, but it feels right. 

So look, 2 or 3 is exciting and fundamentally changes the very nature of our reality. 50+ is a fucking INVASION. Those are just the ones we've recovered, shot down, etc. I'm guessing that there's been a TON more than that in general. If that is true then god damn has this been the best kept secret in the history of the world. How every developed nation on Earth, all the people that worked on these for the last 100 years, and all the government officials who were generally aware were able to keep their mouths shut on a story this huge is beyond me. I would've been singing like a canary and then probably ended up thrown to the bottom of the ocean. 

If this is true it is the biggest story of our lifetime. I don't understand why Vanderpump Rules has more internet and pop culture traction than this but I refuse to let the story continue to float under the radar. I hope Jerry and Billy have blogs on it today too.