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NBA FINALS IN 60: 2 Triple-Doubles, 2 Wins Away For Denver

Today’s Game 3 Recap and today’s outfit of the day is sponsored by Express!

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Game 3 of the NBA Finals was ALL Denver Nuggets. The scoreboard says 109-94, but this one was really never in doubt.

The road team’s two studs EACH posted triple doubles, and get this - two players from the same team have NEVER had 30-point triple-doubles in the same game. And this was in the NBA Finals. My goodness.

32, 21, and 10 for Nikola Jokic. 34, 10, and 10 for Jamal Murray. Total dominance by the 1 seed in this game, and the Nugs have a 2-1 series lead.

Meanwhile, for Miami, Jimmy and Bam combined for 50, but aside from that, not much help by their Heat teammates.

It’s an off day today, and then Game 4 takes place tomorrow night in the 305.

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