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Scumbag Golf Has Officially Gone Too Far

This video and picture got sent to me today and my God it’s a sign we have gone too far. Now let me first admit this was taken on Staten Island. A place I am very proud to call home. Yes it may have 474738292 jerkggggggofffs with no show carpenter jobs and 5821 guys named Vinny with an Uncle Sal who “runs numbers” as well as girls named Gina and Deena who can rattle off 50 tanning salons before 50 state capitals. But it’s a great place to grow up. Lotta action. Lotta laughs. 

However I have to call it like it is, this is a black eye for Shaolin, the forgotten borough. You can’t be defacing greens like this in the middle of prime golf time. Does it suck that they air raided the greens ? Of course it does. Does it suck that they never tell you until you get to the first green and find out? Yes it does. Will they ever lower the price for the round , or give you even a credit in the pro shop for a sleeve of balls for the inconvenience ? Hell no. It’s just how it goes. You suck it up and deal with that shit. That’s the price of doing business as they say. 

Even though the courses can be dirty scoundrels, you can’t write Suck my Dick on the Green . We live in a society for Christ sakes. Scumbag golf is supposed to be fun, these people have gone too far. What’s next? Someone chops down a tree and blocks the fairway? Firecrackers mid shot? Snapping someone else’s club mid round? The possibilities just terrify me to even type them out. This is chaos folks. We gotta get in front of this before it’s too late. 

Be a scumbag golfer by changing your ball marker or saying you found a ball that you clearly lost, but don’t be defacing greens … you look like an animal. Disgusting. Have some class people. Don’t be complete scumbags.