I Am Cleared To Chug In The Beer Garden

After being listed inactive last weekend with a funeral last weekend, I have officially been ruled active for the beer garden at American Legion Memorial Field in Charlotte. Some highlights from the last beer garden include smoking the commissioner in a beer chug. 

Just so anyone who is also going to the beer garden is concerned, here is what I am betting on to maximize fun while there. This will include a recap of last week as well as why am I picking each bet. 

Last week had a lot of great close games to open the season. Shows that offseason moves brought a ton of parity to the league, but the Waterdogs still came out on top. 

From what I can tell from my time at training camp is that a lot of guys had dead legs from 2 weeks of training camp, so the results of week 1 are pretty nonsensical.

So here are the week 2 matchups.

This is what I'm betting this weekend. If you are shaming my units then you are a loser. I don't bet rent money, only beer money.

So if you are going to the Fieldside Bar Down Beer Lounge then you should bet these because if you are rooting against me I will be lowkey pissed but not highkey. It's going to be an awesome time there, so please buy a ticket there's only Saturday left, but ima be there getting sloshed. Buy a ticket let's get beers, promise I won't steal your girlfriend. 

Click this link to buy a ticket. If you don't, you are a loser. 


We did it in Albany come through.