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How Did Troy Aikman Announce The Apparent Divorce Of His Second Wife? He Had His New Rocket of a Girlfriend Post Them While Vacationing Off Of The Almalfi Coast

Wesley Hitt. Getty Images.

(NY Post) NFL great Troy Aikman has posted a series of steamy with a much younger woman — seemingly announcing his marriage to Catherine ‘Capa’ Aikman is over.

The former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, 56, has been tagged by Haley Clark, 34, in multiple photos of the two cozied up, including where she is kissing his cheek and touching his thigh.

The pair are vacationing off the Italian Riviera where they have been spotted on a sun-drenched yacht and swimming off of the luxurious Almalfi Coast — with Troy’s most recent wife nowhere in sight.

The apparent budding relationship will come as a shock to most fans as the ex-QB and his second wife, whom he wed in 2017, have never announced a separation or divorce publicly.

There aren't many good ways to announce to the world that you have gone through your second divorce. For most it's a fairly embarrassing, depressing moment to reveal to friends and family the life change you're enduring. Now multiply that exponentially to the fame of a high profile athlete/celebrity? You really gotta make sure that shit is handled the right way. So what's the move if you're Troy Aikman in that spot?  

Obviously you have your new rocket of a girlfriend who was three years old when you won your first Super Bowl in 1992 to announce it for you. Duh…

Zero announce of any marriage trouble, separation, divorce whatsoever. Just posting off the Almalfi Coast. Yeah we call that a hard launch of a relationship. 

TROY AIKMAN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Guy is 56 years old, in better shape than any of you us will ever be in, and dating a 34 year old fresh off the apparent divorce/separation of his 2nd wife. Safe to say it's good to be a Hall of Fame quarterback who now makes millions commentating MNF. For perspective, Brett Favre is 53 years old and doesn't even know his own name while getting sued left and right from you name it. 

I blogged this under the impression Troy kept the separation/divorce under wraps. Could you imagine he was just vacationing on the Almalfi Coast with this woman while his wife thought he was out on a golf trip? Guess it wouldn't be totally shocking since he's the same guy who thought he was DMing a girl back in the day like this. 

Rooting for ya Troy