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Congrats To World's Cutest Short King & Tall Queen Couple On Graduating The University Of Illinois

Short King Summer...ENGAGE!!! As I was just scrolling through our wonderful TikTok account here at Barstool Sports my eyes instantly caught onto this quick video of a short king and a tall queen enjoying a dance together only to later realize that they're a beautiful couple that just graduated college at the University of Illinois so I think it's about time congratulations are in order for the happy couple!

And upon further review it turns out that they're some sort of Illini super couple as Lucas is a wrestler at the school and they run a joint TikTok account that absolutely KILLS it. 317k followers? Not. Too. Shabby.

They're even making Toks of what they'll look like when they grow old together! Just heart-warming stuff here!

Now not to be a debbie downer, but one thing I WILL say is…this is the year 2023. It's the TikTok age. It's the social media age. Normally couples back in the day argue over who gets to hangout with their friends or who gets the dog in case they break up, IF Ellie and Lucas were to ever break up…Who gets the TikTok account?!??! Just something to think about! Hopefully that day never comes though…We stan a happy short king/tall queen couple. An inspiration to all of us short kings out there.