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ANNOUNCEMENT: Ana Maria Markovic Declares Pink As The Official Color Of Summer And There Will Be No Arguments Against This

It hasn't been the easiest season for Ana Maria Markovic. She suffered a torn ACL back in early March. But she's not one to sit around and just complain. She's working to get back to play for Grasshopper (amazing name) and for the Croatian National Team. You don't do that without an offseason plan. 

That's when I hopped on Instagram and saw the post. Pink is hereby the official color of Summer 2023. You may say it's a brown or orange color in NYC, but it's pink. 

I'm not one that would be called 'fashionable.' I simply put on a shirt and shorts, ask someone if it matches because I'm colorblind and go about my business. I don't know how to shop besides pick out a likely blue shirt and hope I don't already own it. I just wander around and go nope, I'm too old for that. But now if pink is in, I might have to get me one or two pink things. 

So here's to getting healthy and enjoying summer 2023 Ana Maria Markovic.