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Impossible Not To Smile: This Dad's 17-Year-Old Dog Can't Use Steps Anymore So Naturally He Built Him A Makeshift Elevator

Goddamnit, man. The love between man and dog is just too perfect and I'm not scared to even go a step further and say the love between a DAD and DOG takes it to another whole level. Do teenagers love their puppies of course? Do college kids love say their house dog? Of course. Do I love my current dog? Obviously! She's the most beautiful Rottweiler this side of the Mississippi! Yet you know who loves her even more? My dad. 

I'm fairly convinced if both of us were drowning (me nor my dogs are regular Michael Phelps) my dad would wholeheartedly make a better effort to save my dog than myself and you know what? That's totally fair. I mean there's literally times when we've eaten dinner and he'll give her perfectly good human food that I had planned on eating! At the end of the day she goes on walks with him. She hangs out with him at all hours of the day. She gives him unconditional love!

And here in this TikTok we have just another perfect example of the love between a dad and his dog, though first off before I say anything else I need to give a virtual round of applause for this pup right here. This dog is 17! 119 years old in dog years! ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN! It is not every day you see that.

Giphy Images.

Yet obviously after 17 years some pups legs just may starting giving out and not be able to make their way up and down steps which just must be brutal to see, so what did this dad of the year do? Built his damn dog his own little doggy elevator to get him up and down the few steps! That's the least he could do after 17 years of loyal friendship and goddamn will it just warm the cockles of your heart. Beautiful stuff!