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Shockingly 4 New York Mobsters In Their Mid-60's Have Been Arrested In A $2M Jewelry Heist

NY Post- Five men with alleged mob ties were arrested Tuesday for stealing $2 million worth of bling in a pair of daytime gunpoint heists at Manhattan jewelry stores, federal prosecutors announced. Frank DiPietro, Vincent Cerchio, Vincent Spagnuolo, Michael Sellick and Samuel Sore — associates of the Lucchese and Genovese crime families, according to NYPD officials — were charged over the two robberies, the first in January in Midtown and the other in lower Manhattan last month. Four of the defendants — DiPietro, Cerchio, Spagnuolo and Sellick — made off with at least three diamond pieces, including 73-carat necklace, a six-carat ring and a 17-carat pair of earrings the Jan. 3 heist at a Madison Avenue jewelry store, prosecutors alleged. DiPietro, 65, of Red Bank, New Jersey, and Sellick, 67, of Franklin Square on Long Island, were dressed in yellow and orange reflective construction clothes so they could enter the building without raising suspicion, prosecutors claimed.

It's always interesting when you see real life mafia stuff happening in the year 2023! When that boss was killed a few years ago on Staten Island people were going crazy on the interwebs and people even go nuts for whenever there's a big bust in, say, the New York Post. As evidenced by that and many classic movies and television shows such as the Sopranos, Goodfellas, Casino, and The Godfather, people clearly LOVE Mob Stuff and I am very much one of those people. Though there's a reason there's not many new mob television shows happening in current day, if any at all, and that's probably because the mob is pretty much dead nowadays (if you're in the mob and you're reading this please don't whack me, but remember the mob is supposed to act like it doesn't exist at all so really I'm doing you a favor).

And with the mob being all but dead nowadays every now and then you are going to get absolutely hilarious stories like this where 4 guys in their 60's are gonna attempt to steal $2 million in jewelry from a Manhattan jewelry store. 4 men in their SIXTIES!!!!! I don't know much about the heist game though I have seen Ocean's 11 and you know what they did in Oceans 11? The old dude financed them while the young hot guys all with different sets of extreme skills did their respective roles in the job. Elliot Gould and his elderly cronies did not attempt to rob Terry Benedict for all his worth themselves! Not to mention I guess you have to respect that they went for it all? They didn't go for $100k or even $500k...They went for 2 fucking MILLION DOLLARS! To quote Michael Irvin in Longest Yard, "We're convicts...we always go for it all!".

The defendants are connected to the Lucchese and Genovese crime families, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig.DiPietro has 12 prior arrests including for racketeering and murder in 1998, Essig said. 

Sellick has 23 prior arrests primarily for bank robberies dating back to the 1970s, Essig said. 

Spagnuolo has six prior busts, including for a 1986 fatal shooting in Manhattan, and Cerchio has prior arrests for conspiracy, Essig said.

“These five defendants allegedly carried out brazen and dangerous daylight robberies of jewelry stores in Manhattan, stealing about $2 million in jewelry at gunpoint,” Manhattan US Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement.

Also after reading this at the end of that NY Post article, I would once like it on record if anyone in the local mob is reading this. Please do not whack me. Thanks guys!