No Bull! Texas Bull Wanders Town For Hours

UPI News- Police in Texas said an escaped bull led them on a three-hour chase through town before being tranquilized by a local rancher.

The Denton Police Department said officers responded to a report of a loose cow in a residential area near the University of North Texas campus.

Officers arrived to find the animal was actually a bull, and had escaped from a parked trailer while its owner dined at Casa Taco on University Drive.

"It was not a cow, as it turns out. It was a bull, and he was not happy about trying to get back into his trailer," police spokeswoman Amy Cunningham told KDFW-TV. "The owner had just stopped at a local restaurant and went in for a bite to eat somehow the trailer opened up, and the bull was able to get out. We're still looking into exactly how that happened."

Talk about an unlucky break. This truck driver stops for a taco and to take a shit and unwillingly allows a bull to escape into a residential area for hours. I'm deciding what is worse, losing the bull or having to call his supervisor to let him know. I can only imagine that conversation. "Hey boss I lost a bull off the trailer" "Yeah right stop screwing with me." "No really I lost it." 

No chance the guy believed it was real. And then this moron still had to actually deal with the situation. His boss is pissed, the cops are pissed, his supervisors pissed. It's a disaster. I don't envy this guy in the least. 

As for the bull ... it always amazes me what goes through their minds in a situation like this. I know if given the opportunity this thing would cause chaos and fuck up anyone in it's path, but for the most part it probably just wants to explore shit. Wants to just see new stuff. Wander around without anyone bothering it, find a new patch of grass, learn what a patio is etc. I wish there was a way to ensure people's safety and just let animals like this roam around with us safely. Turn down Magnolia street and there's a bull and a giraffe strolling in the park with a Spikeball game going on 200 feet away and neither one bothers the other, and neither one attacks the other. That would be the kind of world I want to live in.