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Bills Fans Are Worried the Madden Curse Is Here To Torment Josh Allen

The Madden Curse is something I truly believed in because a lot of players went to shit right after it. Some names that apply to the curse are Richard Sherman, Antonio Brown, the famous Peyton Hillis. For a long time it was an automatic death sentence to be the face of this video game. Mahomes did win the Super Bowl while on the cover, but that's Mahomes. Dude has a self-destructive brother and a wife who has to get in the way of basically everything. A little curse ain't nothing to him.

If you are a fan of any team you never want to see your star player be on this cover, I don't care what you say. Everyone obviously loves Josh, but he simply cannot get over the hump of beating the Chiefs or Bengals to get to the Super Bowl. I think people are getting tired of it. 

Allen threw a ton of interceptions, but all Bills fans complain about is their receivers when in reality they have a very good receiving core. Madden might be the reason Bills fans lose their minds. I am rooting for Josh. He bet on me in Rough N Rowdy so I will always be loyal to him and I hope he gets that Super Bowl this year. To this point I'm still a believe in the curse because Mahomes is untouchable. Someone like Allen needs to thrive on it for the curse to officially be put to bed. 

P.S. Hey Madden let's try and change the game a little bit. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear these meetings of people in Madden just being like I say we keep the game the same and just add the new players. Then they all laugh and say no matter what these morons will still buy this game.