NOOOO: Players Are Reportedly Discussing Holding Out Of Being In The NCAA Football Video Game Because They Want More Money

SOPA Images. Getty Images.

Oh come on. Yeah $500 and no royalties seems cheap, so bump it up. Give the cover athlete more money, give them each $1,000 and let's get this thing going. EA is going to see a zillion of these games because we've all been waiting to play. It's one of those games that never gets old. You can play as a high school kid, you can play as an adult. You can build a program up and you better believe I'll cheat to finally have Kentucky win the SEC East in this bad boy. I don't care if I have to play on freshman mode or cheat in the transfer portal. I'm going to will it to happen in make believe land. 

But we've gone far too long without a college football and basketball game. We've had the same version of Madden since I was in college. I'm now 36 years old. You can't keep playing the same game over and over again. But, hey, welcome to the NIL era. Everyone should realize their value is different. Caleb Williams? Yeah he should get more money. The walk-on defensive lineman? Take the $500. 

At least we have this sort of somewhat positive news: 

I know we've played in the past without players, but come on, that's the benefit of NIL. To be able to play with your team and your players. I want the stars in the game. I want guys to get the money they deserve. There's gotta be a happy medium here. At least it seems like there's wiggle room here. Not a full on boycott or a full on deal. 

But we can't have this boycott. We need the Internet to do what the Internet does best. Rile everyone up and bully someone into doing something. Offer them a little more money, make everyone agree. Just give us this game already. We can't keep talking about how much we miss it.