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Shocking: Apple TV Didn't Even Wait A Week After The Finale To Start Teasing People About A Potential Ted Lasso Spinoff

Yeah, I mean, this is the biggest no-brainer in show history, right? Everyone in the world assumes there will be some sort of spinoff, especially with the way the finale ended. It left a story with the women's team, it left a story with Roy Kent taking over Richmond, it left a Beard/Nathan story too. I talked about the finale already and thought they did a good job closing a bunch of the character arcs: 

And while it did all of that, it still left some open. I just don't know what else they can do in terms of the show and team story. We already saw the relegation story. We had the promotion story. Hell we had the 'they almost won the whole thing' story. I know it's not necessarily about the team, but that's the major key here. Are you just going to have a middling Premier League team? Roy is the key to the spinoff for me. Maybe there was some foreshadowing with him coaching his niece's youth team back in season 2? You still have the people the audience knows with Roy, Keeley, Higgins and Rebecca headlining it all. 

I'm also aware that Apple TV is just feeding into the talk here with the tweet. But, come on, they are a business. Say what you want about Ted Lasso - I thought season 2 stunk, season 3 got better, crushed the finale - but people watched the show. It's a money maker. That's what matters to Apple TV. You don't put that tweet out with that specific picture unless you're either 1) trolling or 2) trolling because you know a spinoff is going to happen. 

It feels inevitable we're going to get an announcement not long after the writer's strike ends. The whole 'it was more about me, Richmond Way' line at the end of the finale. This tease. It's going to happen.