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My Next Chapter: I Am Officially Heading To Chicago

I saw Steven Cheah wrote this blog a few weeks ago, so I thought I should let people know that I am also leaving New York and heading to Chicago.

You see there comes a time in a man's life when he has to choose between being comfortable at home or wanting to fulfill his considerable potential, even if that means leaving everything he knows, which means I had to go to Chicago.

It wasn't an easy decision to leave the state that has been my home for 99% of my life and where my family will remain since they cannot head out for a myriad of personal and professional reasons.

But I finally decided after years of disrespect that this is the season Team Ziti will win The Dozen Tournament. So I will be in Chitown with my brothers in pasta Eddie and Dave at the Vic Theater to take home the Fred McGriff Memorial Trophy.

Watch The Dozen Tournament finale LIVE on the Barstool Sports YouTube at 8 PM ET 7 PM CT as Chicagoans say. Now let's go eat a beef and win a goddamn championship then get my ass back to New York after a long sleep in a very dark, cold, and most importantly quiet hotel room.