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How Much Do We Think Kim Cattrall Is Getting Paid for Her Minuscule Scene in the ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot?

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"I’ve moved on."

"Can you imagine going back to a job you did 25 years ago?"

"I'm done."

-Kim Cattrall over the years about ever coming back to Sex and the City.

Money talks and it seems like everyone, including the PGA and Kim Cattrall, listens.

ICYMI: Kim agreed to reprise her role as Samantha Jones in the finale of And Just Like That's second season. Her scene is apparently a quick phone call with Carrie, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, aka the woman she seems to hate more than anyone on Earth in real life and has been publicly feuding with two decades.

Lucky for Cattrall she doesn't have to actually speak to SJP or any other cast member in order to record the scene. 

I couldn't help but wonder (ba dum tshhh) … How much did they fork over for Kim to agree to this?

If Cattrall made $350,000 per episode in 2003, it's safe to at least double that figure for the 20 years that have passed. Factor in streaming giant HBO Max running the show plus Kim Cattrall rejecting all previous offers, I'm going to guess the number is at least seven figures. 

It's great for the diehard fans to get Samantha back, but at the same time we all know in the back of our heads she doesn't truly want to be there. But hey, get that paycheck. We're happy for you, Kim.

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