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USA! USA! USA!!! This Video Of A Bald Eagle Soaring Through The Sky Then Swooping Down And Snagging A Fish Is Majestic As Fuck

I don't know if it's the American in me that has long loved this country or the dad in me that has become a bigger fans of birds of prey every single day since my wife popped out our first kid. But that video tickled me in all the right spots. 

That poor Plainfin Midshipman may disagree, but that was a beautiful win for a country that has not been as united as its name may suggest over the last decade or so for reasons that may or may not have been discussed in length on this week's Dogwalk Draft. 

Anyway, I feel like we don't get to see a lot of bald eagles hunting because they are usually looking badass as hell from some perch. So I think we needed a reminder of why they are the symbol of the U.S. of A, namely that they are fierce as fuck and as Logan Roy would say, are killers.

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