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This Old Video Of Bob Lazar Explaining How Element 115 Powers The Alien Spacecraft In Area 51 Should Get A LOT More Looks Now

I don't think I can talk about anything else this week. I blogged the story yesterday and we talked about it on the podcast today, but we officially have high ranking Intelligence Community whistleblowers saying under oath that our government, and other governments, are in possession of intact alien spacecraft and even alien bodies. 

Bob Lazar has been saying this for like 35 years and basically had his entire life destroyed. Dismissed as a conspiracy theorist, lying, crackpot, when it's looking more and more like he was telling the truth the entire time. He worked on the spacecraft first hand and told the world about it to a degree of detail that in hindsight should've been valued. I mean just look at this video

Back then it was just some shitty drawing of a substance that didn't exist powering a craft that he imagined to gain fame and notoriety. 

It's absolutely incredible that it feels like we are on the brink of being able to see aliens and their technology with our own eyes. And by brink I mean probably within our lifetimes. It changes the very nature about the questions of our existence and people like my guy Eddie just...don't really care!?!?!?

This answers the fundamental question of "are we alone" and opens us up to:

How'd they get here?

How'd we get here?

Why us?

Why now? 

How long have they been watching us?

Are they more of them?

What do they know about the beginning of time?

Is time even real? Is it relative?


Eddie has 1000 questions for a TSA agents, plumbers, and Findoms, but aliens....nah

Full Episode about the story and what the confirmation of intelligent life from another planet means to us