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Nick Castellanos Ripped An RBI Double During A Discussion About ALS On The Phillies' Broadcast

They're doing it on purpose at this point. The number one rule of baseball broadcasting is never begin a story with two outs and the Phillies booth started talking about ALS not only with two outs, but with Nick Castellanos at the plate. That is not a coincidence.

It's a cheat code, honestly. If Castellanos comes up and the Phillies need a big hit, their broadcast team can just start talking about whatever the tragedy du jour is and he's going to rip an extra-base hit at minimum and probably a homer. Even random fans on Twitter can sense when a trademarked Castellanos Moment is coming.

If Tom McCarthy and John Kruk start bringing up terrible things during every Castellanos plate appearance, he might hit enough homers for the Phillies to finally get over .500.