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Kim Kardashian Airs Out Kendall Jenner's Starting 5 And I Think They Could Make The Playoffs

Kim Kardashian wore a shirt yesterday that had Kendall Jenner's starting 5 lineup of her ex boyfriends and I'm convinced this team could have gotten a ring in their prime with a little help. We've got some depth issues, so let's just add in the family's roster and you're adding the likes of James Harden, Rick Fox, Lamar Odom, Tristan Thompson, and fuck it, a solid career journeyman in Kris Humphries. D'Angelo Russell was in the mix at one point with Kendall too, so our starting 5 would look something like this:

PG — James Harden

SG — Devin Booker

SF — Kyle Kuzma

PF — Blake Griffin

C — Lamar Odom

Bench: Ben Simmons, Jordan Clarkson, D'Angelo Russell, Tristan Thompson, Rick Fox, Kris Humphries

We've got some certified bucket getters on this team and while they may not be the most defensively sound team in the league, this team may have what it takes.

The Kardashian numbies machine is forever unpatched. Some people are saying Kim may be a bad sister, it be your own, yada yada, and to those I say cry. Regardless, Kendall Jenner now has the opportunity to wear the funniest t-shirt of all time and the viral wheel keeps turning. Your move Kendall.