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PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan Just Cemented Himself As One Of The Biggest Supervillains In Sports History





A historic day for the game, indeed! What a guy! A year ago LIV was 9/11 blood money, today you should be cracking open the bubbly and kissing your loved ones because the Saudis just gave YOU the very money you talked your golfers out of taking. 

I mean Jay Monahan…I guess take a bow? You have morals until a check with the GDP of a medium sized country hits your desk and then it's a great day for everyone! Jay Monahan has got to be one of the biggest supervillains in sports history now. I don't know how the guys that didn't take the 9-figure LIV money will be able to sleep at night. He's Dr. Evil. He's perhaps the biggest conman of all time. It's incredible to watch from afar, that's for sure.

And now we wait and see if he pays the guys who didn't leave. There's nothing that says he has to, and no evidence that suggests he or Saudi Arabia will all of a sudden do the right thing. Supervillains don't usually go around making things right with the people they've wronged, but I mean, he has to cut a little something off for Rory et all, right? Maybe? It's going to be fascinating to watch unfold.