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Sport Of The Future: Swedish Strip Club Owner Started A Sex League That Will Feature 20 People From Different Countries Competing In Various Categories

fizkes. Getty Images.

[Source] - A strip club owner is trying to turn the “six-week sex championship” into an official sport.

Dragan Bratic, who owns a number of strip clubs in the Jönköping area of southern Sweden, is keen to make romping competitive.

The championship would see six different disciplines practised, including seduction, body massages, foreplay, oral sex and endurance. The request sought to introduce six hour sessions each day, with individual matches in each discipline lasting between 45 and 60 minutes.

Look at this creativity. As the world is currently debating LIV and the PGA merge, we got a genius in Sweden trying to start up a new league. A creative league. One that will for sure grow and become a world wide leader. No word is this would be shown on The Ocho, but it's a sport! There's six different disciplines practiced!

Which let's get into that. Endurance is a real problem man. Feel like that's a day to day thing and you gotta test for PEDs in this world (PEDs being alcohol). Can't be having someone lasting longer because they had a couple beers before they went into competition. This is a prestigious sex league, even if it's not approved as a sport yet. 

“This year they accept e-sport as a sport,” the Sex Federation told News Checker. “ Is sitting in front of computer and playing video games more sport than healthy physical activity that prolongs life? We will let you to make your own conclusion.

"European Championship in Sex exists, and it is starting on June 8th in Sweden. Is it a sport or not… it is not that important. Euro-vision is also a competition, but it is not a sport."

Love that quote. Hey we let these nerds play video games for sport, but the real athletes, the sex-havers, aren't? Good luck explaining that one, pal! The sex league is healthy physical activity, which is how I might start explaining sex in general. Going to go exercise because it prolongs my life and a sport. 

Back to the disciplines, I feel like they could cut body massage. That's not really a sex sport needed. That's one that is weird. Seduction? We know about the art of seduction from Costanza. That one makes sense. Foreplay, more than a podcast. Oral sex? Sure, because endurance could be a problem. They have judges and everything!

Twenty people from different countries would be judged on various factors such as their creativity, artistic communication and range of positions by a panel of three experts, who would decide the championship’s winners.

Artistic communication? That's a little tricky. Can't just grunt I assume which will DQ quite a few of us. Can't just say 'hey, meet me in the bedroom at 9?' That won't work. Range of positions is the key though. That shows it's a sport. You have to come up with things on the fly. Try out something new like when the Dolphins ran the Wildcat. 

So shout out this guy. We're trying to find new sports. We're trying to find something to get us through the dog days of summer. A 6-week sex league is just what Europe needed. They need to get from the Champions League final to the start of the Premier League. Perfect timing.