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The Austin Reaves Hype Train Is Officially Off The Damn Rails Thanks To This (Very Fake) Viral Rumor Of Him Dating Taylor Swift

What the fuck is going on out here? This isn't Uncle Chaps as fake NFL reporter (shout out the old Twitter days) getting the lamestream media to buy a fake story. This is people with hundreds of thousands of followers and multiple sites running with it. Taylor Swift hanging out at a bar in Arkansas with none other than Austin Reaves? Come on. Shit, I'm pretty sure this first rumor happened last year too. 

Listen, I have nothing against Taylor Swift. 1) Even if I did, I'd be scared to say it publicly because Kelly Keegs scares the everliving FUCK out of me. 2) 22 is a jam. She's got good songs. This is about the Austin Reaves hype train and nothing else. This is about a man who was at Wichita State who was a fine player, nothing special, who transferred to Oklahoma and became first team All-Big 12. Then became an undrafted rookie, 2-way guy and now people think he's going to get a contract up to $100 million.

I can't even argue with Austin Reaves. The dude worked his ass off, made a name for himself, all that shit. But if you're rumored to be dating Taylor Swift, you ain't bringing her to a bar in Arkansas. You also know it's a good rumor when you have Austin's brother chiming in: 

Like I said, Reaves is a fine player. A good player even! He's not a top-2 guy on a winning team. But he can maybe top out as the 3rd option for a good team. Plus, let's not lie, Taylor Swift would likely date a soccer player if she's going in the athlete world. She's for sure not going to a bar in Arkansas. The Austin Reaves hype train is officially off the goddamn rails this offseason.