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Connor Bedard Delivered The First Cheap Shot Of His NHL Career By Completely Burying Biz On The TNT Broadcast

NHL Department of Player Safety is going to have to take a look at that one. Bedard took a few extra strides to get there and delivered a vicious shot straight to Biz's heart with that chirp. Poor guy was defenseless, too. At the very least the kid has to be looking at a 3-4 game sussy on that. 

But you know what? Someone has to stand up for Biz here, and it might as well be me. Let's go ahead and take a quick gander over at the Elite Prospect pages. Paul Bissonnette has played in 202 career NHL games, he has scored 7 career goals, 15 career assists, for a total of 22 career points. Would you call that an illustrious career? Maybe not as far as NHL superstars are concerned. But let's take a look at what Connor Bedard is working with right now. 

0 career NHL games played. 0 career goals. 0 career assists. And 0 career points. Kid has zeroes all across the board right now. Granted, that'll change in October and he'll probably have 10 goals by the middle of December. But as of today, June 6 in the year of our lord 2023, Paul Bissonnette's NHL career completely kicks the shit out of Connor Bedard's NHL career. The numbers speak for themselves. 

P.S. -- You have to wonder if the Chicago Blackhawks really want to bring a bully like that into their locker room. I wouldn't be shocked if Bedard slipped to **checks notes to remember where Flyers ended up in the draft lottery** 7th overall after that chirp.