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Kentucky Baseball Hitting A Val Venis Celebration Right In Indiana's Face And Making Their Fans Cry Is Precisely Why UK Won The Regional

Look at our Bat Cats baby. Hosting a regional at beautiful KPP, a win or season is done game against Indiana. Nothing and I mean nothing better than that and in typical Kentucky/Indiana athletics, Kentucky won. Not only did Kentucky win, they pissed off Indiana which just warms my heart so much. 

Actually in true Kentucky/Indiana fashion we have an Indiana coach bitching and moaning about the schedule 

Okay, series is cancelled going forward. Big deal. Won't miss it because Kentucky's got bigger teams to worry about anyways. But this isn't about Indiana always crying about Kentucky. I'm above that. This is about a great celebration. The Val Venis on second base: 

Giphy Images.

Iconic. I actually had to think for a second though if they were old enough to truly embrace the Val Venis era. I even wondered if it could possibly be Rick Rude. Either way, doing this on second base after taking the lead and after this whole saga is why Kentucky is advancing: 

I'm all for celebrations. I would have enjoyed kicking Indiana's ass (twice) with this kid out there. I don't want any excuses, not that Indiana can make any. I mean, shit, they hit roughly 15 batters. Pitchers didn't have any control, gave up 20 runs in 2 games to Kentucky. Nothing makes me laugh more than the tweets regarding it though: 

Nothing beats a good classless tweet after celebrating. Ho hum regional win. Ho hum Indiana crying like normal. Times are good. 

Obligatory Val Venis chopped scene.