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It Pains Me To Say This, But The American Gladiators '30-For-30' Was So Bad It Will Actually Make You Hate An All-Time Show

So I finally finished the two-part 30-for-30 on the American Gladiators. I was pumped going into it. Gladiators was an important part of my childhood. One of the elite shows, and an elite game. Seriously American Gladiators for regular Nintendo easily cracks my 5 favorite games ever, even if it was impossible to beat. But, uh, can we just say the 30-for-30 sucks? 

Because that's how I felt. It sucked. One of the biggest let downs, only bringing the rebooted American Gladiators as a rival. 

I know not everything is the feel good story and that's fine. But it just drug on and tried to set up this big storyline with Dan Carr. I understand he's a vital part to the show and everything, but I could have used way less about him and John Ferraro. Actually I could use a whole lot less John Ferraro. That dude legit made me hate American Gladiators for four hours. 

We're talking American Gladiators here! Sure, you had heard the stories about being underpaid and all that. But their lives were far more interesting than the long ass storyline on the beginning of the concept and tracking down Dan Carr. 

Give me more on Two Scoops and some of the other contestants. Give me what the Gladiators thought about the events and shit like that. I'd much rather listen to that than another hour of Erie, Pennsylvania. Again, I truly don’t know one person that watched American Gladiators and didn’t love it. Anyone like me in our mid-30s tried to recreate American Gladiators in our living rooms. It never worked and typically resulted in broken shit by launching Nerf guns and tennis balls at people. I wanted to know about Ice and Sabre and Nitro and everyone else more than what we got. 

The 30-for-30 basically felt like trying to do two stories in one and it just didn't work. Ferraro vs Carr could have been an hour show. Or it could have been 30 minutes in a 90 minute 30-for-30 on Gladiators. Either way, I hate that I felt like I started to hate American Gladiators halfway through this thing.