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A Guide For Every Fan Currently Dealing With The Constant Fear Of A Beloved Player Leaving Your Team

This is something that every single one of us fans deal with. The constant fear of your guy leaving your team. It doesn't matter who your guy is - can be a quarterback, point guard, striker, 3rd baseman, whatever. We all sit here and deal with the end. It sucks. You know it's coming, you see all the reports. Maybe it's a year-long report, maybe it's multiple years, either way every morning you wake up and start checking the people you trust to see the newest update. 

Hell it doesn't even matter the sport anymore. We deal with it as college sports fans and the transfer portal. We deal with it as pro fans and free agency. I've said good bye to some of my favorites for various reasons, guys like Patrick Ewing, Manny Machado, Mike Mussina and even the beloved guys like Giants Steve Smith. I'm not talking about retirement, I'm talking about seeing your guy wear a different jersey. It's for sure worse than seeing that ex you thought you were going to be with forever pose with their new significant other. 

You try not to spiral, but just like you look at those old pictures of you and your ex, you fire up those highlights and remember the good times. You think about Manny Machado making the throw at Yankee Stadium from behind the 3rd baseline and crack a smile while wondering how good it could have been. It's all part of being a fan. Getting your heart ripped out happens way more than celebrating, even for someone like a Patriots fan. Plenty of good times, plenty more times you just are left wondering why or what if. 

I'm currently dealing with this as a Spurs fan and the constant fear of Harry Kane leaving the club. He's been rumored to Real Madrid, Man U, PSG, basically anywhere. I don't want to see him play in another jersey unless it's the random old highlights from his time at Leicester. So with that in mind, I've been going through this constant guide of how to deal with it: 

Step 1 - Deny everything. No shot my favorite player can leave the team you know him on. He's one of our guys. He wants to be here. He wants to win with the team who gave him a first chance. He wants to be a statue guy - a guy who spends his entire career with one team. He's loyal! 

Step 2 - Turn to hate. Hate is an important fuel for fans. It can be the opposing teams. It can be opposing players. Shit, you can hate your own owner, coach, players. I say that and you can immediately think of someone who falls into that category for you. 

Step 3 - Write the tweet and delete it before posting. You know what I mean. There are lunatics (see: losers) out there who tweet at players like they matter. It's like the old I want to lose my shit on someone so I'm going to write this text and never send it. Do it with the player. You'll get fired up. 

Step 4 - Get away from the computer. We don't get breaking news on TV anymore. It's all over the Internet. Don't torture yourself. This step lasts roughly 45 seconds before you feel the need to check your phone/Twitter again. 

Step 5 - Find a new love. This is arguably the most common step. It could be a free agent, a disgruntled star, a young player who just needs their chance. Start falling in love all over again. You feel warm and fuzzy. You don't fart in front of them yet. You actually get giddy to see them and not wondering when you get some alone time. 

Step 6 - Contemplate why you're even a fan. Start wondering why you care so much about sports. There are other things in life that won't break your heart over and over again yet you keep sticking around. Just go sit by the pool and have a delicious High Noon. 

Step 7 - Forget everything because you're not going anywhere and ready to get your proverbial dick kicked in again. This is the actually the most important part because it's the most honest one. You've been a fan for years, decades even. We're all moron fans so might as well embrace it. Just forget everything and get in your favorite seat for the next game because we all get suckered right back in. 

Now please don't leave Harry because I can't do this every offseason.