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Wanna See Someone's Knee Get Shredded Into A Trillion Pieces?

I think I actually felt some secondhand pain just watching that submission from my couch. 

Being able to see the knee 'pop' in real time was wild. Say goodbye to your ACL, MCL, meniscus, whatever else you could tear in there - the knee cap is probably just jigglin in no man's man too, it's all fucked - you get the point. That knee is toast. 

That's Karine "Killer" Silva's 16th win and 16th finish (second in the UFC) and she secured it with ease. She went from throwing ground and pound in Ketlen Souza's guard to sitting back on that kneebar/ankle lock so quickly and casually that I barely knew what was happening! I don't think Souza knew what was happening either - she didn't even have a chance to react before her knee exploded!

Commentary suggested Silva's on her way to the Top 15 immediately after a finish like that, and it's hard to disagree.

I have no experience in getting my knee shredded into confetti via submission, but I was kicked directly in the knee by our very own "Meatball" Molly McCann, and that hurt like a motherfucker....

I was limping for a few days afterwards with my swollen/bruised leg - a leg NOT built for taking leg kicks from UFC fighters - and then juuust when it started feeling better, I went through a period where it'd ache and swell every morning when I woke up. It was the size of a bewleen.

It definitely sucked, and I questioned whether or not it was worth it for a 10sec video, I won't lie - but it gave me a whole new appreciation for fighters that will eat a dozen or two in a fight. Moral of the story tho: don't let fighters kick you. Anywhere.