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Watch This Dude Get FACEPLANT KO'd While In Full Mount

Holy shit - I think this could be the first knockout from a fighter on the bottom while mounted in the history of mixed martial arts!

I'm not POSITIVE on that stat because there's obviously so many fights happening all over the world in regional promotions and whatnot (and let's be honest, I'm an idiot who doesn't really know what he's talking about) but I've never seen it before - so let's run with that. 

The closest thing to this I can remember right now is Kevin Holland kinda knocking Jacare Souza out from the bottom a few years ago....but it wasn't quite as brutal as this. 

He rocked Jacare while he was in Holland's guard, and then stood up and hit a few more shots for the finish....

Still an awesome knockout - but not quite the instant, one-shot FACEPLANT that former WBO Cruiserweight Champ Krzysztof Głowacki delivered in his mixed martial arts debut here. Pretty good reminder that a perfect punch will knock you out from any position if it gets through.

This comes from today's KSW Colosseum 2 card in Warsaw, Poland, where 50,000+ MMA fans are in attendance....


It's always awesome to see how huge this sport is globally. You've got an event here from a promotion many UFC fans probably don't even know exist packing a STADIUM like this - and this ain't anything new for them! Hell, the first Colosseum event in 2017 had over 57,000+ in attendance….


There were some AWESOME finishes on today's card as well….

Just a little Polish MMA to mix it up while we wait for today's UFC card to start heating up. 

There's a couple great fights on this bill, and Jamie Mullarkey is up next, so that shouldn't take long….