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'It Smells Like Victory And Also Legalization' - Denver Reporter Delivered A Masterclass In Breaking Down How Nuggets Fans Celebrate

Look how proud that reporter is of making the joke. He nailed it. Credit to him. He had that one lined up and delivered. Got a little chuckle out of me because you can tell he had that one in his back pocket just hoping the Nuggets won game 1. I mean, I'm sure he's not lying. It's Denver. It's also 2023 and weed is legal basically everywhere so who cares? I just laugh at the reporter because it's peak local news. 

It also shows it ain't easy being a fan, especially a Nuggets fan. You had to wait years to get over the hump with Jokic. You had to sweat out a Jamal Murray ACL injury. For about a week all you heard is how no one is talking about the Nuggets because they are boring and Celtics/Lakers would have dominated ratings. Who gives a shit? The Nuggets are awesome. But you need to unwind after seeing that first win. It's not over, but you got the first one. Celebrate. Who gives a shit? If you unwind with weed or beer, go have a night. It's a Thursday in the summer, so you know Friday is a light work day anyways, might as well enjoy yourself. 

The generic polo shirt sells it too. There's no way that thing is comfortable. It's not dri-fit. It's not even a golf polo. It's one of those polos every dad had back in the 90s. We can't get the guy an updated polo? Have a series, Denver. Smoke weed after every game. Celebrate because you're in the Finals. This is what being a fan is all about.