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'Landed. Straight To The Club' - Wrexham's Goalie Explains How Rob McElhenney And Ryan Reynolds Spent At Least $500,000 On Their Vegas Trip

So we know that Wrexham went to Vegas, all expenses paid: 

Now we have Ben Foster talking a little bit more about it and let me tell you, $500,000 seems light. We're not talking about regular ass people here going to Vegas. We're not talking about splitting hotel rooms or a table where you start debating to even go. We're talking about a star and Ryan Reynolds putting you up in Vegas. They were eating at the nicest places and it wasn't the old Vegas diet that you and your boys had back in 2011: 

That said I can't imagine going to Vegas for the first time this way. It's bullshit, because there needs to be a little Vegas initiation. You have to worry about oversleeping for the plane. You have to figure out dinner and take advantage of the different casino options. You need to figure out if you're going to a club, how can we get 10 guys in while not spending all your money. These are the things that help you out when you go back a second time and realize the club is stupid as shit. Let me just sit here and play blackjack and then do a nice dinner with pals. 

I do love the image of this Vegas club shutting everything down at 1am to play some Wrexham songs and highlights. Imagine getting that for anything else? Like hey, why don't you throw on some of my high school football highlights when I show up for a major event in my life. Stroke that ego. 

Speaking of ego, I'm still pissed that Mac can be this fucking ripped after being so fat for a season: 

Yeah, yeah, actor and all that, still bullshit. I've always liked going to Vegas. I just can't imagine doing it with an unlimited budget.