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FRAUD ALERT: Kelly Keegs Didn't Even Black Out Or Suffer Amnesia At The Taylor Swift Concert She Went To

SARAH YENESEL. Shutterstock Images.

Daily Mail- Going to see Taylor Swift live, you expect it to be a night to remember — but there are growing reports of people suffering amnesia after her shows. 

Jenna Tocatilan, 25, from New York, said she had dreamed about seeing the pop star for so long that it was difficult to retain what was happening in her mind.

She told Time magazine that ‘post-concert amnesia is real’, adding, after seeing Swift play a ‘surprise’ song: ‘If I didn’t have the five-minute video that my friend kindly took of me jamming to it, I probably would have told everyone that it didn’t happen.’

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Hmmm. That's weird. I thought mega stars like Taylor Swift just made girls gineys tickle with their music 

But ya know what? I get it. Of course these people are having temporary memory loss due to seeing something they love go off. The exact same thing happened to me when I watched future Hall of Famer and utility player extraordinaire hit a go-ahead 3 run BOMB against the Astros in the 2021 ALDS:

Don't remember that play for dick because I'm such a megafan.  It was the happiest I've ever been. I didn't even really care the last time I watched another one of my bastard sons enter the world. I mean yeah, sure, it was the only time I've ever actually been happy at all, but it was a happiness overload nonetheless and I blacked the fuck out. Don't remember that play for shit. 

That was also the Cusack game and he regularly goes into great detail on every pitch of that at bat whenever he gives some bullshit interview on his fandom. What a fraud of a fan. Didn't even suffer memory loss after the blackout game. 

Speaking of frauds, I just read a THESIS on one of Taylor's most recent concerts by a blogger at Barstool. I figured it was Dante and that he had boots on the ground at one of the shows for Barstool Backstage because of how detailed and well written it was:


Nope!!! Wrong! WRONG!!!! It was by none other than Kelly Keegan

Lol. What a crock of shit FRAUD she is. She remembers the whole fucking thing!!! AND (I assume) CLAIMS TO BE THE QUEEN BEE SWIFTIE!!!!!

As the official and elected gatekeeper to all things diehard fandom, I should actually fire up my list and add her ass to it just out of principal. She'll be banished to the depths of super fan hell with losers like The Weather and Domino's Pizza, and her ass would deserve it. Like… she didn't even black out for a split second of that concert based on the 42,000 word novel she wrote on it. 

Can you believe this shit? I can't. Because I'm a superfan. 

Once my disgust and anger with Kelly recedes, I'm hoping I get to a point of sheer disappointment in her. At least then I'll still realize and accept that she's good people that made the mistake of deceiving Barstool's entire fanbase and not being authentic. Everyone makes mistakes. She'll just have to repent for her sins. One way to do that would be to blackout at the next T-Swift concert she has.