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Adam Silver Says The NBA Has A Punishment For Ja Morant But Won't Tell Anyone What It Is

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

In mid May, about two months after he had already been suspended for flashing a gun on the internet, Ja Morant decided it was time to do it again. A wild choice if we've ever seen one, but the man simply couldn't resist. As it turned out, his PR interview with Jalen Rose was not to be believed. After the second video hit the internet, the Grizzlies did the only thing you can do in that situation

As soon as this news broke, it was now a countdown until we got the second apology, written by PR staff/lawyers/agents/etc. Given the fact that this exact incident had just happened, I'm not sure what you could even say. The Grizzlies/Ja sat on it for a few days and eventually released the exact type of statement I think most expected

The thing is, this statement came after Adam Silver completely ripped him on national television. Watching Silver talk that way about the situation, you knew he was pissed. Whatever ended up happening, there's no way Silver was going to go easy after I'm sure Ja told him two months prior that it would never happen again. It's not a great idea to tell your boss something like that and then immediately go out and do it again. That's usually going to be a problem anywhere on planet earth let alone the NBA.

Since that moment, things were relatively quiet on the Ja Morant front. The focus was on the playoffs while the NBA did their investigation, and on the opening night of the Finals we now have an update

Uhhh holy moly. Read that tweet and tell me the NBA isn't about to drop the hammer down. Could it be a suspension for the season? 60 games? 50 games? You know Shams/Woj are scrambling for that leak. That tweet is going to do mega numbies as soon as they hit send.

I will say it's a little annoying that Adam Silver teased it like this though. Just say the investigation is still ongoing if you don't want to ruin the focus of the Finals. To say "yeah, we found additional information and it's going to impact our decision and I'm not going to tell you because it's really bad" immediately does the very thing you were looking to avoid. Now I need to know what that additional information is. Seems pretty clear cut right? Did Ja have a gun on camera that went on on social media? What additional information could there be that could possibly have an impact? 

Either way, it sure sounds like Ja Morant and the Grizzlies are going to be in a bit of a pickle. I know they have an awesome record when they've had to play without Morant, but not having your franchise player for an extended period of time and potentially the entire season, that's a big deal.