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Rone Just Spit The Realest Bars Of His Career: If You Aren't Soaking Up Every Second Of Summer Then WTF Are You Even Doing?

I was ready to run through a damn wall after listening to this. As someone who grew up in Cleveland I know how it feels to wholeheartedly appreciate the precious moments of sunshine and happiness that summer provides. 

If you live in a place that experiences the seasons then you now seasonal depression is a real thing. And summer is the first respite from that lying cunt we call spring. There is no bigger fraud season than spring. It promises warmth and flowers but delivers nothing more than that antsy feeling you used to have on Christmas eve. Except it lasts like 70 days and sucks frozen, rainy balls the entire time.

When Rone was passionately ranting on how fleeting our summer moments truly are, it brought a tear to my eye. Don't be one of those assholes who complains because it went from freezing cold to scolding hot in less than a week. Suck it the fuck up, throw on some swim shorts, and jump in the pool without feeling the temperature of the water first. 

Don't have a pool? Break into a neighbor's yard and use theirs. They might chase you away with a shotgun but deep down they will understand.

For those of us who don't have the ability to move someplace with beautiful temperatures year round, we understand just how precious summer can be. The second it hits 75 degrees in northeast Ohio every patio is at capacity seven days a week. The boats are on the lake even if the waves are probably a little too big. And the bros are wearing shorts even if the temps will drop into the 40s in the evening.

So let those pasty calfs air out under your favorite pair of cargo shorts. Have a few too many on a work night at the local watering hole. Have all the unprotected sex you can. Nothing counts in summer. It's basically mother nature's get out of jail free card.