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Lil Uzi Vert Lived Out His Lifelong Dream And Sang 'Misery Business' With Paramore At MSG Last Night

Paramore played two sold out shows at Madison Square Garden this week, the second of which took place last night - and Hayley Williams set the world's most famous arena AND the internet ablaze when she welcomed Lil Uzi Vert to the stage to perform 'Misery Business'....

Usually, during the bridge of this song, Hayley will bring up a fan from the crowd to sing the rest of it with her, but this is Madison Square Garden (where surprises are almost expected) so we got Uzi.

I'll be honest - I mostly know Lil Uzi as the dude who turned himself into Vision only to get the Soul Stone snatched outta his forehead....


(No disrespect)

….but the crowd went CRAZY for him when Hayley introduced him, and the video I tweeted put up half a million views in an instant, so I figured this was probably worth a blog - especially considering the guy basically lived out his lifelong dream last night! He's been talking about Hayley Williams and jamming to Paramore for years!

Billboard- Back in 2017, Uzi told Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about their admiration for Williams, saying, “She’s like the best. It’s hard to top that. She’s like the best, just of my generation there’s nobody bro.” 

Earlier in the year, a video of the artist jamming to Paramore’s 2013 hit “Ain’t It Fun” went viral.

Hayley even talked about Lil Uzi reaching out to get a feature from her at some point a few years ago, but she was trying to stay outta the spotlight for a bit and said she "didn't want to be that famous" right now. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see if she sticks to that, but something like 'Airplanes Pt 2' with Lil Uzi Vert could probably take over streaming real quick in 2023….

God, what a jam. 2010 was awesome.

Uzi stuck around in the crowd for the rest of the show to watch 'em tear the house down up-close, too…like a true fan. I loved to see it. Felt like a feel good moment where he was just suuuuuper starstruck.


For most of the diehard Paramore fans in the building, I think the highlight would have to be the band playing 'All I Wanted' for the first time all tour to open their encore….

This has been a fan favorite since it was released, but for years, Hayley Williams said was too tough/straining to sing live.

She overcame that fear at When We Were Young Fest last October, and they've broken it out a few times since - in big moments like this….

'All I Wanted' closes their third album, 'Brand New Eyes' - which is kinda like their 'Rumours' in that it was kinda written about the band breaking up as the band was breaking up - and it goes real hard. Hayley's high notes are insane, the drums are sooo hard hitting, and the guitars deliver a tidal wave of sound when they come crashing in for the choruses. It's definitely one of the best songs in their catalogue in my opinion.


Overall, the show was PHENOMENAL; a true 10/10. It was my third time seeing Paramore live, but they were never better than they were last night. Everything from their new album went so hard live (Figure 8 especially), Hayley is of course the best rock n' roll frontwoman in the world right now, and the band/crowd were both firing on all cylinders. If you've got the opportunity to see Paramore on this tour, don't pass it up! 

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