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I Am OBSESSED WIth Sam Barber. His New Single "Dancing In The Sky" Is A Must Listen For Country Music Fans

This guy is flying up the pantheon of country music kings for me. Sturgill, Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, and Sam Barber. A voice that can absolutely saw logs. You feel it in your chest and this song hits you from the very first note. I blogged him a couple weeks ago

I don't know what is going on with the music industry and how streaming really changes things, but this guy has incredible songs but still hasn't released an album. Just EPs that will likely never hit the radio, but he will have a cult following in no time at all just like the other three artists I mentioned. 

I really feel like we are in a golden age of this type of music. It feels like an open rebellion against the big swinging corporate Nashville dicks and these guys are winning via the internet.