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Jason Kelce Might Actually Be A Better Philly Fan Than A Philly Athlete

Jason Kelce is an all-time Philadelphia sports athlete. For starters, he's a Super Bowl Champion. Not many of them have ever come through the city of Philadelphia. Not a ton of champions in general, actually. He's arguably one of the best to ever play his position, he's a 5x first-time All-Pro selection, has led the Eagles to 2 Super Bowl appearances, and has played his entire career here. As far as Philly athletes go, Jason Kelce is a lock for the Mt. Rushmore. 

But what if Jason Kelce was never actually meant to be a Philly athlete? 

Jason Kelce was born in Westlake, Ohio. Spent his entire childhood growing up in the Cleveland area. But you can't tell me that Jason Kelce wasn't born to live in Delco and be the biggest Philly sports fan you ever did see. Guys just loves to delete beers and cheer on the boys. 

Whether it's at the Union...

Or the Phillies...

Or even his own games…

All Jason Kelce needs in his life are his teams and an endless supply of light beer. Maybe mix his family in there somewhere and he's got everything he could ever want. A little bit of us lives inside of Jason Kelce, and a lot of Jason Kelce lives in a little bit of us. The guy just gets it. Not to get all political or anything here but Philly has a new mayor coming up in 2024. I know who I'm voting for.