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Follow-Up Blog: Veronika Rajek Deserved To See Roma Win Yesterday After Dressing Up Like The Italian Flag To Support The Team

I don't mean to go back-to-back Europa League Finals blogs here, but, uh, how can I not? 

You try seeing Veronika Rajek, one-time Tom Brady suitor, dressed up like the Italian flag and not blog it. It's an impossibility as a paid blogger. Even more so when you click on her Instagram page and see cars right away. Jose in the parking garage waiting for the ref has nothing on Veronika with a car, that's just an unbiased opinion: 

Now, I do have to admit I have two complaints here. 1) Roma doesn't wear green. I know you're going for the Italian flag, but just go Roma if you're supporting them. Red and gold would work just as well. Hard to argue, really nitpicking here. 2) You can't congratulate Sevilla. The team you were supporting lost and look at how Jose acted. I'm not saying throw your medal into the stands like he did or berate an official, but don't congratulate Sevilla. I hate sportsmanship. 

Plus, you can't argue that Veronika doesn't know how to prep for games and holidays: 

She's already got her 4th of July outfit ready. Impressive planning. Anyways tough loss for Veronika and Roma yesterday.