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Despite A Historic Postseason Run And An NBA Title Within His Grasp, Nikola Jokic Still Doesn't Think He's The Best Player On The Nuggets

AAron Ontiveroz. Getty Images.

There are many reasons to love Nikola Jokic. Some might go with his offensive dominance, some might go with his passing, some might go with what he's doing in this postseason run


some people will go with his humility. With some guys, that stuff feels like an act. With Jokic, considering this is how he's been since he entered the league, it's about as authentic as it gets. It's not like Jokic talks or acts this way so he goes viral, it's just who he is. When he says he doesn't care about the MVP, it's not a joke. When he says he doesn't care about a Conference title, it's not a joke.

So today when he wouldn't even go as far to say he's the best player on the Nuggets, it's not a joke

How many players of Jokic's status even have that mindset? Instead, he'd much rather talk about his teammates

While Jokic will never say it, everyone knows the deal. He is their best player. There are nights when other guys may break out, but none of that happens without Jokic. He is both the engine of that team and the straw that stirs the drink. 


If you take a step back and remember what all the talk was and what all the narratives were during the MVP race and the pressure Jokic had to deliver this postseason, it's crazy how well he's been able to back it all up. Not only is he the only MVP candidate standing, but he's also the only one who made a Conference Finals. He's having a historic playoff run while his team has basically been the best of the field since the playoffs began. People didn't want to believe in the Nuggets or Jokic in the playoffs for some odd reason, and the fact that he's shut them up like this and still is humble about it is what makes him so great. 

As one of these basketball unicorns right in the middle of his prime, you could make the case that this is Jokic's "time". Not all that different from Giannis when he won his MVPs and then eventually his title. It's cool to see these all time great players finally break through, and this just might be Jokic's moment. As we all know the Heat certainly aren't going to go down quietly, which means we should be in for one hell of a Finals (sigh).