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New Zealand Pizzeria Offers "Pay When You Die" Promo And I Love It

UPI -- A New Zealand-based pizza chain is offering an unusual proposition to customers: buy now, pay when you die.Hell Pizza announced the "AfterLife Pay" promotion was inspired by "buy now, pay later" schemes adopted by several New Zealand businesses. The pizzeria said 666 customers in New Zealand and 666 customers in Australia will be chosen for the AfterLife Pay program, which will delay payments for pizza until the customer has shuffled off this mortal coil. "Those chosen will be invited to sign a real amendment to their wills, allowing the cost of their pizza to be collected upon death. No interest or fees will apply, and the agreement is legally binding," the website states.

I absolutely love this. Good for this pizza place to offer a promo of buy now pay later, which is apparently pretty customary in New Zealand. Talk about giving out a promo the people aka customers really want. Free Breadsticks ? Who cares ? Buy one get one free ... ehhhh . Free can of coke with 2 slices ? Please . Pay when you die ? Now you have my attention. 

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Everyone eats pizza, and for good reason. It's convenient, it's tasty, and it's reliable. Snowing don't want to leave the house … order a pizza. What should we do for dinner, don't want to cook ? Pizza. If given one food for the rest of their life, I imagine most people would pick Pizza. Now add in free pizza ? Awesome. We had a lady I worked with in the cubes that was horrific at her job. HORRIFIC. Didn't respond to emails where you needed an answer, would transfer you calls to complete tasks she could have handled herself. Horrible. But when they sent emails that lunch was on the office, by God she was the first one to the boxes. Everyone loves free pizza, shoutout Bernie in Ops. 

The other element here is that this is an awesome gift to give someone who has sadly passed away. Think about what people do to honor those we've lost. Flowers, a card, name a park bench etc. You want to help someone out ? Pick up their pizza tab over the years… that's a way to do right by someone. Did Johnny rack up $4,000 in pizza bills over the years ? Sure, but when the news hits the paper in the obituary instead of a link to send flowers, share a Venmo and have everyone chip in to cut down the bill for the family. That's a gift. 

I love this promo, I just wonder if pizza in New Zealand is any good. Maybe that's why they can afford to give away pies, no one really runs up a tab like they do here in the states. I will say this… New Haven could never do this.