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'Get Fucked' - Duncan Robinson Broke Out A Special Taunt In Boston After Some Celtics Fans Added Him To Their Group Text Before Game 7

I don't care if this is someone who went to high school with Duncan Robinson - clearly someone he doesn't know well enough since he didn't have the numbers. How goddamn stupid do you have to be to give any professional athlete some sort of motivation before game 7? It's the dumbest thing a fan can do, up there with guaranteeing a win and breaking superstitions. There's a code among fans and this breaks every single one of them.

Now, sure, it's not like Duncan Robinson went out and dropped 20 like he admitted. But the Celtics still got their ass kicked and this group chat should now fly up the rankings as to why. It's a bigger reason than Celtics fans trying to say Jayson Tatum's twisted ankle cost them the series. I would say not as high as Joe Mazzulla or Jaylen Brown's disaster, but it's up there. 

I don't think this is a true Hulk Hogan celebration though. You gotta wind that arm up brother. 

Giphy Images.

If you really wanted to embrace it, Duncan Robinson should have done a leg drop right on Lucky. Piss off all the Celtics fans and then stay in that group text responding to every single one of them. That or break out the DeMarcus Cousins move after his number got leaked:

Just goes to show you that you need to use your brain when adding a group text. I'm not anti-group text by any means but adding someone like this will backfire.