Harry Kane Once Again Can't Stop Talking About The Rumor That Won't Go Away - His Desire To Become An NFL Kicker

I refuse to talk about the other rumor, you know, the one of Harry Kane leaving Tottenham for Manchester United or somewhere else. No thank you. I don't want to live in that world. But this world? Well you have my interest because 1) he talks about doing it after he's done playing soccer and 2) justice for kickers. I would never want to be a kicker or have my sons be kickers. They miss one kick and it's the end of the world. Go be a punter. There's one punter who catches hell and it's rightfully Matt Dodge. Kick it away from Desean Jackson you dumbass. 

Okay, I got that out of my system. But we see former Australian Rugby players come over and play college football when they are like 26. Why not 35-year old Harry Kane coming over to try and be an NFL kicker? We know the NFL dominates every headline and every story. Combine that with soccer and you're creating a massive free content cheat code. Hell, just watching Harry Kane try out would be millions of views. 

His form isn't even *that* bad: 

Sure, he's no Morten Andersen, Adam Vinatieri or Graham Gano. But he's not that far behind another kicking legend

Kickers get passed around the NFL all the time. One will get cut in week 3 and be on another team in week 5. The kicker they replaced goes to another team in week 7. Why not mix it up and let Harry Kane get there? I actually think he can only play for Tottenham or be an NFL kicker. Nothing else is allowed.